As this Texas summer heats up, Austin bars and restaurants are making sure that we can cool down with frozen drinks — and not just the most quintessential one of all, the frozen margarita, although there’s plenty of that, too. Here’s our updated guide on where to go to find all the most delicious frosty cocktails, following this guide from last summer.

First of all, frozen rosé, perhaps the inevitable result of the red-hot rosé wine trend, has returned bigger and better this summer at numerous places. You can find frosé at Hotel San Jose, where the Rioja rosé is mixed with lemon to contribute a bright, refreshing flavor, and at other places like Revelry Kitchen + Bar, EastSide Tavern and rosé-loving Whip In.

The pink drink has even made it out to the Hill Country, where it was recently $5 at Dripping Springs’ Proof & Cooper.

Yea we did. Frosé for $5. Lordy, Lordy...get her before she's gone