Squeaky wheel gets the cheese. Maybe.

According to Eater New York, Chipotle is unveiling its only public-facing test kitchen in the Big Apple on Monday, called Chipotle NEXT Kitchen. On deck: a classic margarita and virgin strawberry variety, a salad with avocado citrus dressing and — OH, WHAT’S THIS NOW? — queso.

That’s right. Queso, which the Mexican fast casual chain just recently said would not appear on its menu anytime soon, due to the artificial ingredients needed to make the liquid gold suitable for a service line. That cheesy dip is the most requested item that’s not on Chipotle’s menu, Eater New York reports.  In a Chipotle internal memo quoted by Eater, the restaurant’s CEO, Steve Ells, told employees Monday that the lack of queso has lead to lost business.

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Just to be clear: This does not mean that queso is headed to your local Chipotle, as it’s currently only available at the test kitchen. However, if you’ve held your queso dreams close to your burrito-eating heart, it’s certainly cause for optimism.

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