Adrian Ruiz Quintet, "Premiere: A Collection of Originals."
Though bandleader Ruiz lives in San Antonio, where he teaches jazz at UTSA, he has strong ties to Austin from his years studying
trumpet at the University of Texas. Filling out his quintet are four local jazz standouts: saxophonist Gil Del Bosque, pianist
Collin Shook, bassist Sam Pankey and drummer Daniel Dufour. All five members wrote at least one tune for this impressive collection
recorded in Austin at Same Sky Productions, with Ruiz producing alongside engineers Andre Cantave and David Messier. "Premiere"
is a joy to behold, ranging in style and substance from full-blown energetic celebrations to playfully inventive excursions
to more moody, contemplative soundscapes. Jazz recordings almost always testify to the chops of the players, but this goes
beyond mere musicianship: These 10 tracks radiate with spirit and beauty, revealing five instrumentalists and composers who
have come together to create something that sublimely transcends the sum of its parts. Release show July 6 at Elephant Room.


JULY 14:
Swift Drag, "We Won’t Need That" EP, release show July 14 at Mohawk.
JULY 21:
Whiskey Shivers, "Some Part of Something," in-store July 13 at Waterloo Records, release show July 22 at Mohawk.
JULY 28:
Rachel Reese, "Siren" EP, release show July 25 at One-2-One Bar.
AUG. 4:
Milligan Vaughan Project, "MVP," playing July 21 at One-2-One Bar.
AUG. 18:
Ray Wylie Hubbard, "Tell the Devil I’m Getting There As Fast As I Can" (Bordello).
AUG. 23:
Jean Caffeine, "Sadie Saturday Night," release show Sept. 1 at Hole in the Wall, in-store Sept. 3 at Antone’s Record Shop.
AUG. 25:
Fairbanks & the Lonesome Light, "Nothing to Escape."
SEPT. 1:
Johnny Dango, "Recluse in Plain Sight."
NOV. 3:
Jackie Venson, "Transcends" EP.