Jason Bowles posted these photos of trash surrounding Campbells Hole on the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Photo by Jason Bowles

A Facebook post showing mounds of trash near a popular swimming hole inspired an impromptu cleanup on the Barton Creek Greenbelt this week.

Austin climber Jason Bowles posted photos Thursday showing piles of empty beer cans, Styrofoam coolers, booze bottles, broken glass and food wrappers surrounding Campbell’s Hole. He described the scene as a “damn tragedy” and berated the litterers as “delinquent ignorant immature pieces of (expletive deleted).” He also described what he’d do if he caught someone leaving trash behind and asked people to keep the greenbelt green.

Broken glass, beer cans and more were strewn on the ground. Photo by Jason Bowles

Today, a sweet update.

Bowles appeared last night in a segment on local TV news station KXAN. Bowles said while crews were filming the spot, several people he’d never met showed up to pick up trash at the site. The station interviewed them, and they mentioned they’d seen Bowles’ Facebook post “and wanted to help.”

In a post Thursday night, he thanked those who helped gather the trash. “Such incredible community! This is why I love Austin.”

Bowles’ original post has been shared almost 1,600 times.

Jason Bowles’ Facebook post about the litter was shared nearly 1,600 times. Photo by Jason Bowles