A lot is going on in the world of the "Fixer Upper" stars. Wednesday we learned that show hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines are starting their own restaurant. They are turning Elite Cafe into The Magnolia Table by the end of the year. Joanna Gaines has also started her own wallpaper line  among other endorsements.

Now we learn from the Waco Herald Tribune that "Fixer Upper" carpenter Clint Harp and his wife Kelly will have a new HGTV show "Wood Work," that will air in early 2018. Filming will start in August and center around the Harps’ business, Harp Design Co.

We profiled Harp in January 2016, when he was headed to Austin to speak at the Austin Home & Garden Show. Harp gave up a six-figure salary in medical sales in Houston in 2011 to start his dream of making his own furniture.

Because money was really tight in the Harp house, especially after they left Houston and moved to Waco, Harp became really good at finding old wood pallets for free and turning them into furniture.

Harp told us about getting Chip Gaines’ number but then Gaines didn’t call him back. Then one day, he ran into Chip Gaines at a gas station and introduced himself. That’s how the Gaines/Harp collaboration began. Lucky for both couples, a friend of Joanna Gaines’ had posted some of her work on a design blog that got noticed. A production company came calling to explore making the TV show that became "Fixer Upper." The Gaines’ turned their Harp whenever they needed a unique furniture piece for the show and the Harps also got their farmhouse redone as part of the show. That house now serves as Harp Design Co.’s office.