Now that Texas is in the full throes of summer (how ‘bout that heat, huh?), it’s the perfect time to hop in your car, get out the GPS (or map, if you’re old school) and embark on a journey of our Lone Star State.

Last year, WalletHub placed Texas at No. 30 on its list of “Best & Worst States for Summer Road Trips.” Apparently the folks over at WalletHub have seen the light, because Texas is now ranked No. 6 on that list for 2017.

The criteria for what makes a good road trip haven’t changed. WalletHub still ranks states based off of trip and attractions cost, road safety and the amount of activities to enjoy while on the road. 

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In this year’s rankings, Texas placed at No. 9 for costs, No. 30 for road safety and No. 10 for activities.  

Of course, we have long known that Texas has been a huge road trip state. In fact, its vast size and endless highways are two of the many things we love about Texas. 

So, where should you go on your summer Texas road trip this year?

Well, there’s always the Prada store in Marfa. Or Weikel’s Bakery in La Grange. Or Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. Or any of the other stops on this “Love’s a Trip” list. Or you could Facebook Live your road trip with a buddy you disagree on certain issues with, but still enjoy talking to, like Beto O’Rourke and Will Hurd did earlier this year.

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