It’s never too early to start ranking the best films of the year, or, in the New York Times’ case, the century.

A new article from the New York Times ranks the top 25 films of the 21st century, according to Times film critics A.O. Scott and Manohla Dargis, with some assists from the featured filmmakers and Facebook discussions with readers.

The list is varied, stretching from American cinema to French, Chinese, Japanese and Romanian films. It’s sure to garner controversy among cinephiles (as these lists always do), but the list is important for Texans for one entry:

Austin director Richard Linklater’s film “Boyhood” made the Top 10.

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Coming in at No. 8, Linklater’s 12-year-spanning epic “inextricably becomes a story about cinematic realism and its power,” Dargis wrote.

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Dargis interviewed Linklater for the article, getting his thoughts on filming “Boyhood.” He said he didn’t expect the film to resonate with so many people:

It was deeply personal to people and I didn’t really anticipate that, I was just telling this little intimate story. But then when those responses came in, I was like, well, of course – it was powerful. We look for connection. This movie pulls you into caring about people and feeling what it’s like for time to pass, for life to change, for relationships change. Who hasn’t grown up or had siblings or left home? I thought it would be older people who maybe responded, but I realized that I was telling the life and times of a generation.

People would just tout the connection they had to it. “Oh, my daughter just went off to college or my son went off to college” or “I just went off to college. I saw your movie and I called my mom and told her that I now realize what she was going through.” We all go through the world trapped in our story, our own point of view. But a film can really enforce those other points of view – that’s storytelling power.

Other American films to make the Top 10 include “The Hurt Locker” (No. 10), “Inside Out” (No. 7), “Million Dollar Baby” (No. 3) and “There Will Be Blood” (No. 1).

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