You might have already caught this story on another American-Statesman page.


But since this blog is called Arts in Austin, we thought we share a bit from this compelling 9/11 story that led to a book, a musical and an initiative that encourages random acts of kindness.

The Broadway cast of “Come From Away.” Contributed by Matthew Murphy

Austinite Kevin Tuerff will be watching the Tony Awards ceremony very closely on June 11: He is a character in “Come From Away.”

That’s right. He is portrayed as Kevin T in the hit musical about Gander, a Canadian town that showed great kindness to thousands of airline passengers — including Tuerff — stranded there on 9/11.

The show has been nominated for seven Tony Awards, including best musical.

“Having a doppelganger on Broadway is crazy and surreal,” says Tuerff, who has retired from EnviroMedia, a green-themed Austin marketing company that he co-founded. “I never thought that my experience being one of 7,000 stranded passengers in Gander would end up on the Broadway stage, or that I would walk out on that stage to receive a standing ovation during a Broadway opening.”

WATCH: The Tony Awards will air at 7 p.m. June 11 on CBS.