It was pretty big news in December when Luby’s and H-E-B announced a partnership to sell the restaurant’s famous mac and cheese in the freezer section of H-E-B.

Luby’s fried fish wasn’t as good as what you’ll get in a restaurant, according to two lifelong Luby’s fans who tried the product in a recent taste test video. Addie Broyles / American-Statesman

A few months later, Luby’s released its frozen fried fish — known affectionately as square fish around these parts — and Luby’s fans rejoiced.

However, these three Luby’s fans were less than thrilled when we finally got a chance to try the fried fish (about $8 for two filets) in a livestream a few weeks ago.

Luby’s frozen mac and cheese was well worth the $7 it costs at H-E-B. Addie Broyles / American-Statesman

I’d already tried the mac and cheese (about $7 for 40 ounces), and it was D E L I C I O U S. Probably the best mac and cheese I’ve ever microwaved at home, and as a frozen food eater, that’s a sizable amount of mac and cheese.

Both are available at H-E-B, although not all stores carry both products. We’ll keep you posted if Luby’s releases any more of its beloved foods in a grocery store version.