Austin fixture and “Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki is now the father to a baby girl, and that’s got him feeling some kind of way.

According to People, the actor, whose daughter with wife Genevieve was born in March, feels “nervous and vulnerable” about raising Odette Elliott, in a way he didn’t feel about sons Shepherd, 3, and Thomas Colton, 5.

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According to People:

“With boys, you’re like, ‘Go skin your knees and go break your arms like I did.’ But with a girl, you’re like, ‘If somebody ever touches her, I’ll go off the handle!’ ” Padalecki says.

It doesn’t sound like Padalecki has much to worry about right now, though. Odette is a “super chill baby” who pees, eats and sleeps. Read the full interview here.

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