Over Memorial Day weekend, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got a lesson in grilling from Twitter after he posted a photo of mixed chicken-and-vegetable kebabs.

Gov. Scott Walker tweeted this photo over the weekend of his chicken kebabs.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Well, for starters, Walker should know that you always take photos of your grilled food *after* it’s finished. That half-grilled chicken looks sad.

What Twitter users were most upset over — and that many Texas grilling aficionados know — is that kebabs work best when you grill the meat and vegetables separately, especially with chicken.

If you cut the meat into small cubes, like Austinite Heather Hunsaker did in a post she shared through Austin360Cooks over the weekend, you can cook them all the way through while the vegetables cook alongside, but if you’re cooking big chunks like Gov. Walker, you’ll overcook the vegetables by the time the chicken finishes.

There’s also a strong food safety case to make against cooking chicken and vegetables side-by-side because raw chicken has more dangerous bacteria than other raw meats.

Kebabs weren’t the only thing on Central Texas grills (and barbecue pits) this weekend. Check out some of the other Austin360Cooks photos from Memorial Day weekend: