Danny Trejo: man, myth, Machete. The Los Angeles actor most famous for his collaborations with Austin director Robert Rodriguez turns 73 (!) on Tuesday, and it made us wonder: Whatever happened to that doughnut shop he planned to open?

Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts opens Tuesday on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, according to Eater. The foodie news outlet reports that, in addition to bags of “locally-fired beans that bear Trejo’s signature grimace,” lucky Angelenos will be able to score a machete-shaped doughnut.

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It’s the other donuts on the menu, that grabbed our eye. Flavors behind the case include:

Nacho (jalapeno, chives, Trejo’s hot sauce and cheddar cheese)Margarita (tequila, lime, salt)Three Amigos (tres leches bath and glaze)Pina Fritter (pineapple and cinnamon)Maple Pig (maple syrup, vanilla brown sugar, crispy bacon)Pinata Cake (buttermilk cake doughnut with cream glaze and sprinkles)Gringo (powdered sugar)Low Rider (cinnamon and sugar)Azul Cake (blueberry buttermilk cake doughnut with blueberry, cream glaze and lemon)

Check out the full menu on the shop’s Facebook page. And while you’re at it, the photos of the doughnuts are pretty mouthwatering (even/especially the one with cheese on top).