Diem Korsgaard, the photographer behind @wanderingepicure on Instagram, loves the glazed shortribs with Swiss chard and mascarpone polenta at North Italia, one of the restaurants in the original part of the Domain, 11506 Century Oaks Terrace. (Contributed by #austin360eats contributor @wanderingepicure)

Two popular names from the Domain are making their way to downtown Austin. Flower Child, a healthful restaurant that focuses on gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan dining throughout the day and attempts to market to the physically and spiritually fit with gimmicks like a yoga mat “parking” area and North Italia, an Italian restaurant serving pizzas,pastas, and other traditional dishes, will both open on the ground floor of 500 West 2nd Street, the second phase of the Thomas C. Greenwater Treatment Plant redevelopment in downtown Austin later this year. Both restaurants are owned and operated by Fox Restaurant Concepts, which has 16 unique concepts and more than 50 restaurants in 10 states, including True Foods Kitchen and Culinary Dropout in Austin.