Butter coffee has been a cult favorite for a few years now, especially in the Paleo crowd.

The first time I had it was at Picnik’s South Lamar trailer, which was one of the first places in Austin to find this drink made with grass-fed butter, 100% coconut MCT oil and grass-fed whey protein that is supposed to lead to “elevated energy, curbed appetite, increased productivity and enhanced cognitive function.”

Picnik’s new bottled butter coffees come in three flavors: mocha, cappuccino and chai. Contributed by Julie Wilhite

I can attest to at least the curbed appetite and increased productivity, but I also just really liked the taste. After all, butter is just cream in another physical state, and the added protein was definitely satiating. (At the farmers’ market a few weekends ago, I had my first cup of butter tea, one of the original warm butter drinks, and it gave me a similar happy belly feeling.)

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Plenty of cafes sell butter coffee now, but starting this week, you can buy a ready-to-drink bottled version of Picnik’s butter coffee online and at its South Lamar trailer and Burnet Road restaurant.

Picnik is selling the coffee in three flavors: cappuccino, mocha latte and dirty chai. The cappuccino has zero added sugar, and the mocha latte and chai flavors are sweetened with maple syrup.

Butter coffee is made with grass-fed butter and whey, and MCT oil, which makes it almost taste like a coffee shake. Contributed by Julie Wilhite

“We wanted to make a product that could be taken on the road, that doesn’t require refrigeration, and that everyone can have access to and enjoy, even outside of Austin,” owner Naomi Seifter in a release. “Butter coffee is very satisfying because of its higher fat content, so we find it to be a perfect morning beverage. This drink keeps your body sated so that you can work for longer periods of time without being interrupted by hunger or cravings.”

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You can buy the shelf-stable, 10-ounce bottles online at picnikaustin.com, in the two Picnik locations or at the new 365 by Whole Foods Market in Cedar Park. Seifter says that these are the first shelf-stable, ready-to-drink butter coffees on the market and that they should be available for purchase in more retail outlets later this year.