Baby ducklings check out the water dishes in Jonny Brashears backyard. Courtesy of Jonny Brashear

What to do when baby ducks are born in your yard and the water and food is over on the patio? Metroplex resident Jonny Brashear decided to serve as their surrogate escort:

Your table for ten at the poolside restaurant is, ready. Please come this way.

(??)?? ??? 1461 (@Bitterwhiteguy) May 1, 2017

Brashear is a University of Texas alum who works in the tech industry and occasionally writes about Longhorn sports and electronic dance music (including this 2014 piece for the American-Statesman). Last year, a duck laid eggs in a nest behind some bushes on his property. He tracked their progress from hatching to departure on social media.

This year, the same duck (his best guess, anyway) returned to build another nest. When the ducklings hatched this past weekend, Brashear had a food dispenser and saucers of water for drinking and swimming at the ready.

Usually, the mother leads them across the lawn to the food and water. Monday morning, though, mama duck was away briefly, so he stepped into service, with camera phone.

She was comfortable enough to leave while I was in the backyard with them, Brashear commented on Facebook. She flew off to be with her man for a moment. They both landed shortly thereafter. He was not happy with me.

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