The Sustainable Food Center, which runs four area farmers markets, as well as food education, cooking classes and gardening programs, hosts an annual fundraiser called Farm to Plate that is coming up on May 10.

But this year’s Farm to Plate will be different.

Barr Mansion is a popular venue for weddings and events, including Farm to Plate, the annual SFC fundraiser coming up on May 10. Contributed by Barr Mansion

First off, it’s the 10th annual year for the event, but secondly, the organization is nearing $1 million in money raised through this upscale affair at the beautiful Barr Mansion, 10463 Sprinkle Road. (It really is beautiful.) Over the past nine years, SFC has raised $900,000.

Logically, this year should be the year they cross that million-dollar milestone.

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At this year’s party from 6 to 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 10, chefs from dozens of restaurants, catering companies and food businesses will be sharing bites of their best dishes. Participating chefs include PJ Edwards (Chicon and Contigo), Peter Maffei (Cannon + Belle), Nicholas Yanes (Juniper), Michael Paley (Central Standard), Sonya Cote (Eden East).

Tickets are $300 at Yeah, that’s pricey, but it is one of the nicest food events of the year and the primary fundraiser for the nonprofit.

Farm to Plate features more than two dozen of Austin’s best chefs, as well as lots of brewers, distillers and cocktail makers. Contributed by Sustainable Food Center

At the party, organizers will present the City of Austin with the Sustainable Food Changemaker Award. According to SFC, the Changemaker award honors individuals and organizations that have contributed to their mission in a significant way

“We have been strong partners with the City of Austin since our inception 41 years ago,” Ronda Rutledge, executive director of Sustainable Food Center, said in a release. “Through its comprehensive plan – Imagine Austin – our local government has made it a priority for Austin to be a thriving, equitable, and ecologically resilient community through a healthy and just local food system. Growing, selling, eating, and recovering food locally creates jobs, strengthens the economy, improves public health, and reduces transportation impacts. I’m proud to live in a city that espouses these incredible goals.”