Does barbecue belong in a candy bar?

You can buy these new PayDay candy bars at retailers nationwide or online. Contributed by

Only if there are peanuts involved, says Hershey’s, which announced today that it is now selling a Texas-themed BBQ PayDay bar for the next few months.

Salty peanuts are a favorite bar snack, and barbecue is a favorite, well, everywhere in the Lone Star State, so it makes sense that Hershey’s would bring the two together in a limited edition candy bar.

PayDay’s newest limited edition flavor is inspired by Texas’ love of barbecue. Contributed by Hershey’s

The bar is part of a “Flavors of America” line that puts a regional twist on six classic candies and candy bars, including Twizzlers, Kit Kats and Reese’s. The Strawberry Kit Kat comes from the California Strawberry Festival, while the Hershey’s Kisses Coconut Almond Flavored Candies “transcend your taste buds to the beaches of Hawaii.”

Our friends in Georgia inspired Hershey’s to make a Honey Roasted Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. “The twist on a classic offers a mixture of sweet and salty peanut butter notes complete with a hint of floral, amber and molasses – all providing the sweet taste of Georgia.”

And the BBQ PayDay: BBQ-seasoned peanuts surround the chewy caramel center” is how the company describes it. (I haven’t yet seen one while browsing the candy aisles with my kids, but when I find one, I’ll let you know.)

Also in the line are Key Lime Pie and Orange Cream Pop Twizzlers, and New York Cherry Cheesecake Bars.

You can buy them wherever you’d buy a PayDay, and you can also find them online.