If you grew up in Texas, one of your favorite pastimes in your adolescence was most likely stealing table tents from Whataburger with your favorite number, or your jersey number, or maybe your age.

Two weeks ago, one displaced Texan posted on the r/Texas subreddit, asking for help to "break the law in the best way possible"—he wanted Whataburger table tents with the date of his upcoming wedding on it: May 28, 2017. He already had the 17, but he needed a 5 and a 28 to complete the set.

Well, his fellow determined Texans didn’t have to break any laws, which is a good thing. The user said he was contacted by Whataburger corporate, who sent him a care package:

OP HAS DELIVERED! A week or so ago, I posted about how I needed someone to break the law in the best way possible and go steal some Whataburger table tents for me. Well, a guy from the corporate office got in touch with me and came through with a care package! from texas