Austinís Miracle Foundation supports orphanages in India. Jeff Salzgeber

About five years ago, I realized that my mother had a drawer full of scarves, necklaces she wasnít wearing and still-blank journals. She didnít need one more to add to her collection for Motherís Day.

And so, every year, instead, for Motherís Day, I make a donation to a charity we both love in her honor. (I do the same for Dad, too, who doesnít need another golf club of fishing lure). The charity I chose sends Motherís Day flowers to women in battered womenís shelters in my motherís honor and she receives a nice card to know that I didnít forget her. It means more to her than sending her flowers.

Austinís Miracle Foundation invites you to give in your motherís honor to help children who donít have a mother. The donation helps children in its orphanages in India by providing clean water, nutritious food and well-paid caregivers.

Miracle Foundation sends you a certificate to give to your mother. If you give $60 or more you also get Tina Feyís ďBossypantsĒ from Amazonís Kindle store and for $125 and up, you get chocolates from Maggie Louise Confections. I suppose you should share these gifts with your mother, but I wonít tell if you eat the chocolates.

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