Tacos at El Ultimo Taco Taqueria in Brownsville. (Credit: Facebook.com/elultimotacotaqueria)

Last†April I traveled much of the state (beyond Central Texas) checking out some of the best barbecue Texas had to offer.This year, Iím swinging down to South Texas for a taco tour. Iíd call it a Rio Grande Valley Taco Tour, but my trip will take me to Laredo, which†is too far northwest to qualify. My trip starts in Brownsville and likely takes me over four days to McAllen, Pharr, Weslaco and Laredo. I say likely because you just never know with trips like this. You visit one spot, hear a story about another and next thing you know, youíre off schedule and youíve lost the plot. Or, as is often the case, your eyes end being bigger than your stomach. But thatís half the fun. As long as I donít run out of gasoline and I can find the Houston Astros on the radio, Iíll be OK.

After doing online research, chatting with RGV and Laredo natives and picking the minds of †taco experts like Mando Rayo (tacosoftexas.com) and Kelly Stocker, Iíve come up with a tentative schedule. Iíll report back daily with blogs, photos, videos and more. You can follow along on Twitter (@odam) or Instagram (@matthewodam), and, as always, if you have any must-visit †spots, make sure to drop me an email at modam@statesman.com, leave a comment on the blog or holler at me on social media.

The best laid plans of mice and men and taco eaters Ö


Veraís Backyard Bar-B-Que

Brownsville Coffee Shop 2

El Ultimo Taco Taqeuria

Gourmet Central by Cel

The Vermillion


Centennial Club (McAllen)

Mrs. Gís (McAllen)

Dejarvis (McAllen)

El Rodeo Taco Express (McAllen)

Nanaís Taqueria (Weslaco)

La Calle de Taco†(Pharr)


Taco Palenque

Taquitos Ravi†


El Metate

La Finca Cocina Mexicana