Ellen DeGeneres (Chris Pizzello/Associated Press)

Updated: Mix the promise of free stuff with the possibility of being on TV and you get …. Yeah, we know what you get.

You get this scene at UT, where staffers from Ellen Degeneres’ show were on hand to give out tickets to the Grammy Awards to students who donned the best Beyonce outfit.

Twitter asks: what’s happening? Hope these help you figure it out. UT is preparing for Ellen! pic.twitter.com/tQBerhhZco

— KVR News (@KVRNews) February 7, 2017


When Ellen comes to UT and tells everyone to dress up like Beyoncé and Jenna does this pic.twitter.com/iLi39LVIB9

— simi (@SimiranMalik) February 7, 2017

GET US ON ELLEN GET US TO THE GRAMMYS #BEYONCE and #ELLEN @TheEllenShow @UTAustin pic.twitter.com/HvChWuAiDt

— dev!!!!!! (@devinzavasky) February 7, 2017


When Ellen says put together a Beyoncé costume, you put together a Beyoncé costume✨ @TheEllenShow @beyonce @queens_likeme pic.twitter.com/sde1oiE3nq

— Jess (@jesss_gowithit) February 7, 2017


A circle has formed around mock Beyoncé and Jay-Z acting out “Drunk in Love” @thedailytexan pic.twitter.com/By6FuEazVG

— Lisa Dreher (@lisa_dreher97) February 7, 2017

All for @TheEllenShow #GRAMMYs #beyonce @Beyonce this is way harder to pull off than I thought!!! @UTAustin #Longhorns pic.twitter.com/1O8zJLDkZc

— JoeyBooker (@joey_booker) February 7, 2017

I didn’t know Beyoncé was at UT today @UTAustin @TheEllenShow pic.twitter.com/YPWgLR29fe

— BELINDA ツ (@basicbelindaa) February 7, 2017

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Updated: The Texas Exes Facebook page is live right now with a video showcasing some of the best Beyonce costumes UT students could come up with. Ellen Degeneres’ crew is scheduled to be at the Main Mall at 3:30.

[facebook url="https://www.facebook.com/texasexes/videos/10154237980816500/" /]

Posted earlier: Ellen Degeneres says that if you dress up like Beyonce and head to the University of Texas campus, she just might help you get to the Grammy Awards. She tweeted this at 1:10 p.m. Central:

How fast can you pull together a Beyonce costume, @UTAustin? Meet you at the Main Mall at 3:30pm CST.

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) February 7, 2017

Hey @UTAustin! If you’ve ever wanted to go to the #Grammys, get your Beyonce costume together. Right now.

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) February 7, 2017


— haileyferg (@_haileyferg) February 7, 2017






A crew from her show did a similar giveaway stunt last week at Georgia Tech, where they handed out Super Bowl tickets.

It didn’t take long for the UT stunt to have its desired effect.

Ellen is giving away Grammy tickets to students on campus and I’m in class with the flu pic.twitter.com/8tozT1FFkP

— Unspooky Julianne (@UnspookyJ) February 7, 2017

To go to class or to try and win Grammy tickets from Ellen…

— Esmeralda Hernandez (@UnCineaste) February 7, 2017

When Ellen is at your school giving out free Grammy tickets but you’re too lazy to get out of bed.

— Thien (@Thiennnn) February 7, 2017

When Ellen wants you to dress like Beyoncé for Grammy tickets but you only have t-shirts in your wardrobe pic.twitter.com/r6ENjazEEs

— andrea (@andreaxvill) February 7, 2017

Posted earlier: If you’re anywhere near the University of Texas campus Tuesday, keep your eyes peeled for a crew from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The lovable host tweeted out a teaser of sorts Monday afternoon, indicating a visit was in the works.

The news comes a week after the show stopped by the Georgia Tech campus, handing out Super Bowl tickets.

DeGeneres wasn’t there in person, but she did make an appearance via satellite, according to news reports.

Expect DeGeneres to tweet out more details later tonight or on Tuesday. For the Georgia Tech visit, students only got an hour’s notice.

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” airs weekdays at 4 p.m. on KVUE.

Last week two people at Georgia Tech won tickets to the #SuperBowl. @UTAustin, I hope you’re free tomorrow.

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) February 6, 2017