If you’ve ever dreamed of walking into a store and ordering a scoop of your favorite raw cookie dough for dessert, now you can, thanks to a new shop in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

Do serves up a variety of cookie dough flavors in its New York shop. credit: Do

Do (pronounced “dough”) Cookie Dough Confections is kind of like an ice cream shop, if, that is, you swapped out the ice cream for scoops of delicious, raw, safe-to-eat cookie dough. Classic flavors include chocolate chip, brownie batter and oatmeal M&M — you decide how many scoops, what toppings you’d like and if you want it to come in a cup or a cone. There are also signature flavors such as Nuts for Nuts (peanut butter, Reese’s cups and Reese’s Pieces) and the Heavenly (sugar cookie dough with Nutella, chocolate chips, caramel bits and sea salt).

“I have relentlessly researched, tested and tried ingredients to perfect the recipes of my favorite cookie flavors,” owner Kristen Tomlan writes on the Do website. “I want everyone — regardless of dietary restrictions — to enjoy delicious cookies and cookie dough, brought to you by Do.”

See, dreams really do, er, dough, come true. It even says so inside the store.

On the wall inside Do, a cookie dough shop in New York City. credit: Do

There are also gluten-free, vegan and grain-free options, as well as a special cookie dough treat for dogs. The shop also serves ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes and sundaes. It’s open every day except Mondays at 10 a.m.; the earlier you go, the better.

May we suggest that if Do is eyeing expansion it look at Austin for its second location? Or maybe we can talk Tiff’s Treats into launching its own dough-only store?

In the meantime, if you can’t get to New York, you can also order from Do online, although the website has been so popular in recent days that online orders are currently unavailable.

Still not convinced? We’ll leave you with this video from Thrillist that’s been making the rounds.

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