Today is Pi Day, which is supposed to be a celebration of math (March 14, 3.14 … get it?)

But, I’m not very good at math. So when I hear Pi Day, I think delicious food.

If this all seems familiar, it’s because we celebrated National Pie Day in January.

Confused? Don’t be. Just enjoy these ideas for celebrating pi with pie.

Raise your glasses and toast Pi Day with some Apple Pie Moonshine.Try a margarita pie from our Year of Baking project. Get cheesy with a recipe for macaroni pie.If chocolate is your thing, you’ll love this S’mores Pie.Do you think “pizza” when I say “pie”? Check out Matthew Odam’s favorite slices in town.WhichCraft Tap Room and Little Woodrow’s are each having Pi Day celebrations.Or, you can just wait till Thursday and check out the Twin Peaks pop-up diner coming to town for SXSW, where there will be coffee and — of course — some pie.