Not only did Octavia Spencer not have to wait in line for a taste of Franklin Barbecue. They rolled out the red carpet for her at South by Southwest on Saturday.

Well, not quite. But as the Oscar-winning actress made her way into Austin’s Paramount Theater for the world premiere of her thriller, “Small Town Crime,” she was awarded a bottle of the Austin joint’s signature espresso sauce. The gift-giver said he heard she was a fan.

Spencer gave her best spokeswoman audition for the barbecue favorite, posing with the bottle like she was Florence Henderson with a bottle of Wesson. The “Hidden Figures” star assured the slightly soggy SXSW attendees surrounding her that the sauce is indeed the good stuff.

Want to eat like Octavia Spencer while you’re in town? We can show you the way to Franklin and a few other local favorite eateries.

On Friday night, the cast of Terrence Malick’s “Song to Song” also walked the SXSW red carpet. Watch footage below.