“Get Out” has proven to be a massive success at the box office since its release two weeks ago, thanks in no small part to its smart blend of genuinely horrifying scares, laugh-out-loud humor and prescient racial commentary.

But now fans of the Jordan Peele-helmed film are re-enacting one of its more disorienting scenes, and some of them are hurting themselves in the process.

The #GetOutChallenge involves a cameraperson in the know filming a friend running full-speed directly at the camera, only to quickly turn away at the last second. The challenge is a riff on the spooky scene where the film’s protagonist Chris goes out for a smoke at night, and Walter the groundskeeper charges at him full-steam ahead. (Why he’s running is an even crazier twist that’s best kept secret if you haven’t seen the film).

The meme has become quite popular on Twitter and Snapchat.

There are plenty of good examples:

Run for your life. Have you tried the #GetOutChallenge? pic.twitter.com/6piaiP1vMX

— Get Out (@GetOutMovie) March 7, 2017

Upland High School #getoutchallengepic.twitter.com/6EZUi7A1q0

— Taj Davis (@tdking_3) March 10, 2017

#GetOutChallenge Fox 5 DC lit @Fox5DCAllison@stevechenevey@ErinFox5DC@TuckerFox5@HollyLiveFox5DC@RealDoctorMike@KevinMcCarthyTVpic.twitter.com/5hcb66bN9X

— Getoutchallenge (@getoutchallenge) March 10, 2017

Power Rangers @9GXD_#getoutchallengepic.twitter.com/BFpSUTGYW9

— Jay xans (@JamalKingz_) March 9, 2017

This how you really do the #GetOutChallengepic.twitter.com/D1zAit0juN

— JOHNNYYY (@Herress_Johnny) March 8, 2017

Here's my #getoutchallengepic.twitter.com/qAsdjg7CYQ

— Anthony (@j20forlife1) March 8, 2017

We Lit #GetOutChallengepic.twitter.com/bgM7T2jzo4

— Curt⬛️ (@_la_curt) March 7, 2017


— Varo Ramirez (@varoramirez_) March 7, 2017

#GetOutChallenge lmfaoo pic.twitter.com/jcBzhCpGbL

— Kira C. (@kirratating) March 5, 2017

Steph Curry even posted his own version on Instagram.

Some people got hurt, though.

#GetOutChallenge fail pic.twitter.com/Pp5DGpq9Ri

— BOYwonder✨ (@TyreseWebb1) March 7, 2017

It's hard tryna turn that corner #GetOutChallengepic.twitter.com/q0xt4X4HjC

— locksmithsplit. (@SplitDizzy) March 6, 2017

my mom tried doing the #GetOutChallenge at work omg im dead pic.twitter.com/zIEHNijaqf

— joy (@joyyymiller) March 8, 2017

#getoutchallenge didn't go as planned pic.twitter.com/iEj8sFcdNY

— Mully (@CHRISMULLY05) March 8, 2017

As of this writing, there’s even five whole Twitter accounts devoted to the best videos of the challenge.