Ghost chilies, among the hottest peppers in the world, don’t often taste that good in salsa.

Charlie Crenshaw’s new salsa is called Crenshaw’s C6 Salsa, named in honor of the heritage of his name. Crenshaw, the nephew of famed golfer Ben Crenshaw, is the sixth generation Charlie Crenshaw in his family. Contributed by Crenshaw’s C6 Salsa

More often than not, salsa-makers add far too much of the pepper for the consumer to actually enjoy the salsa. But Charlie Crenshaw, the sixth generation of Charlie Crenshaws and nephew of golfer Ben Crenshaw, has the right touch with those searing-hot peppers. Crenshaw has recently turned his salsa-making hobby into a business, and six flavors of his Crenshaw’s C6 Salsa are now available for sale at Buc-ee’s, Flying Threads and Mikey V’s Hot Sauce Shop in Georgetown, as well as on Amazon, with additional retailers coming soon, Crenshaw says.

In my Austin360 Facebook livestream taste test yesterday, I tried his ghost chili salsa and was surprised when I wanted to keep eating it. The hot and tequila lime flavors were equally appealing because they didn’t have too much sugar, vinegar or salt — common problems in store-bought salsa. I also really liked the smooth texture; chunky salsa reminds me of pasta sauce or the worst store-bought salsas of my youth in Missouri, far, far away from the real deal salsas you can readily find here.

Sassy Lassi is an Austin-based yogurt drink that comes in a variety of cool flavors, including rose and pineapple. You can find these drinks at retailers including Whole Foods Market, Central Market and H-E-B. Addie Broyles / American-Statesman

I also tried a strawberry cashew yogurt from Forager Product, which isn’t a local product but is notable as a dairy-free yogurt alternative, as well as the locally made Sassy Lassi, an easy-to-drink probiotic yogurt in fantastic flavors, such as pineapple, rose and mango. (They also make a celery lassi that I’m both terrified and eager to try, but I haven’t been able to find it.)

The Austin-based Lick Honest Ice Cream has a ton of seasonal flavors already in stores this year, including a dewberry corn cobbler ice cream that was about as corny as it gets without tasting like actual corn on the cob.

I love trying new food products in this series! With some of them, companies will drop off samples, but I discover plenty of others while I’m browsing supermarkets and corner stores. If you see a new product that you think I should try, let me know in the comments, on social media (I’m @broylesa) or via email: