Top (left to right): Cucumber, celery, apple, kale, lemon; and beet, carrot, ginger, lemon
Bottom (left to right): Apple, fennel, celery, romaine, and grapefruit; carrot, orange, garlic, lemon, turmeric; and apple, spinach, ginger. (Credit: Jugo)

One of Austin’s most successful restaurant operators is getting into the juice and healthy grab-and-go game. Shawn Cirkiel, owner of Parkside, Backspace, Bullfight and Olive & June, will open Jugo Saturday. The shop at 603 Brazos St. will serve juices (with combinations like pineapple, beet, jalapeño, and apple, spinach and ginger), smoothies, cold brew green tea and Cuvee cold brew coffee during the first days of service (March 11-19).

Spicy greens with miso dressing. (Credit: Jugo)

Offerings will expand on March 20 to include packaged snacks, healthy grain and noodle bowls, salads and entrees like grilled rosemary chicken. Jugo will be open daily from 7 7 p.m.

“As my life has become busier with the continual expansion of Parkside Projects, raising a family and more, I find myself drawn to quick meals and snacks,” Cirkiel said. “Jugo is a natural extension of that transitional lifestyle and places an emphasis on cooking similarly to the way we eat at home.”