Center for Mexican American Studies

Does anyone remember the collective sigh let out a couple of years ago by Latinos across the country when comedian Tina Fey was asked on the show “Billy on the Street” to name 20 Latino performers and failed miserably?

I do.

While there’s still much work to be done to raise the visibility of Latinos in television, film and music, there are plenty of talented Latino/a media makers constantly blazing a trail of change. Among those trailblazers is Jesús Salvador Treviño, a writer and director whose television credits include everything from “Dawson’s Creek” to “Star Trek Voyager.”

Treviño will be featured at the Latina/o Media Makers series presented by the Center for Mexican American Studies at the University of Texas. The series showcases film and media makers who have contributed importantly to Latina/o visibility and media production. The screening and Q&A begins at 5:30 p.m. on March 7 at the Belo Center for New Media.

Throughout his career, Treviño has helped tell the stories of Latinos through documentaries and books. He served as co-executive producer of the groundbreaking PBS documentary “Chicano! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement” and wrote and directed the feature film “Raices de Sangre,” or Roots of Blood. In 2016, he won the prestigious American Book Award for his collection of short stories “Return to Arroyo Grande.”

And keep an eye out for the next featured presentation in April, which will highlight Jim Mendiola, an independent film maker writing a book about the history of U.S. Chicano/Latino independent filmmaking. For more details, visit