Mamak Khadem. Courtesy of Facebook.

One of the most compelling events at the South by Southwest Music Festival this year is a world music showcase featuring artists from countries affected by the travel ban executive order signed by President Trump. The showcase, called Contrabanned: #MusicUnites, currently has artists representing Iran, Somalia, Libya and Syria.

“At this critical cultural moment, the ContraBanned: #MusicUnites showcase gives us a chance to come together through the power of music and hear the voices of the often misunderstood and misrepresented Muslim-majority countries,” organizers said in an email about the show.

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The showcase is scheduled for Friday, March 17 at the Palm Door on Sixth St.

The following artists are confirmed to perform:

Mamak Khadem (Iran/US) Vocal wonder of world trance music
Ash Koosha (Iran/UK) Ninja Tunes electronic musician/composer, virtual reality pioneer, synaesthete
Faarrow (Somalia/Canada) beat heavy fusion of African, hip hop and pop music
Khaled M (Libya/US) Libyan-American hip hop voice of conscience
Bassel and the Supernaturals (Syria/US) Syrian heart, Chicago soul



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