This table tent at the Southpark Meadows Whataburger was photographed in place on Tuesday, Feb. 28, and did not leave the store.

As tempting as it might be to take your Whataburger table tent to go (hey, that’s my lucky number!), it is actually, you know, stealing. And one police department in Denton County has had enough.

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In a Facebook post last week, the Northeast Police Department in Krugerville, Texas, warned area residents that they were on the case:

We have learned that it has become a game for area teens to be removing the plastic “order numbers” from the restaurant when in attendance. Removing these items without consent is a theft, which could result in a citation being issued for Theft of Property under $100.00.

The post also pointed out that the police sometimes had more of the numbers than the local Whataburger did, and shared photos of seized table tents spread out on the hood of a patrol car as if they were so many kilos of drugs or stacks of ill-gotten cash.

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The post has been shared more than six thousand times and gained more than half as many comments, many taunting the officers and boasting of their own table tent collection.

For the record, if you want a Whataburger Table Tent bad enough, you can buy one on eBay (here’s one example, though there’s no guarantee that it’s not “hot”). Sadly, the Whataburger online store does not offer them, though you can get a “Fancy Ketchup Mouse Pad.”

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