Indie Chefs Week started in 2013 at Foreign & Domestic. (Contributed by Grover Smith)

Indie Chefs Week, the brainchild of Foreign & Domestic chef-owner Ned Elliott, returns for its fifth iteration March 15-18. In addition to the dinners at Foreign & Domestic, Spicewood fine dining restaurant Apis will also be hosting one of the dinners. The event is comprised of collaborative dinners featuring food from nine chefs over each of the first three nights, with more than 20 chefs coming together for the grand finale.

The event grew out of Elliott’s desire to give a platform to chefs from around the country, many not buttressed by major public relations budgets, and bring together an array of talent that usually only has the opportunity to admire one another from afar or on social media. The series of dinners has introduced local audiences to chefs from across North America, including talents like Carlos Salgado of Taco Maria in Southern California and  David Barzelay of Lazy Bear in San Francisco, who have gone on to achieve tremendous acclaim in recent years.

This year’s impressive roster of local and visiting talent includes Kendall Melton (Chicon and Contigo), Jonathan Peters (Clark’s Oyster Bar), Kristine Kittrell (Weather Up), Ryan Santos (Please in Cincinnati), Christine Rivera (Galaxy Taco in La  Jolla), Page Pressley (Emmer & Rye), Sterling Ridings (of the forthcoming Guild and formerly of Uchiko), Adam Brick (Apis and Pizzeria Sorellina), Tim Archuleta (Ichi Sushi in San Francisco) and many more.

This year’s series starts on March 15 at Apis, with a nine-course meal prepared by 10 chefs, with tickets starting at $100. The next two nights at Foreign & Domestic follow a similar format, with tickets starting at $125. Tickets for the grand finale, which features all participating chefs cooking one giant meal, start at $175.  Wine pairings cost $35, and bottles of wine will also be available for purchase. Tickets can be purchased at

In addition to the Austin dinners, the series will expand this year to include events in Houston, Los Angeles and New York.


Behind the scenes at Indie Chefs Week in 2014 ]]