The first two rounds of the Texas Bracket are in the books and we are left with the Lone Star 16. Voting resumes Monday morning, so be sure to return and cast your vote for the most Texan of all Texans.

In the meantime, let’s look at who is left and what happened on Friday.

Our remaining Texans are 11 men and 5 women. Seven are still living, nine are not. Only two were not actually born in Texas — Molly Ivins, born in California and raised in Houston; and Stephen F. Austin, who had not invented Texas yet.

The Lone Star 16 are: 2 country musicians, 1 blues musician, 1 author, 2 politicians, 1 First Lady, 1 historical figure, 2 actors, 2 sports legends, 2 journalists, 1 West Texas character and 1 war hero.

During the second round of voting on Friday, Willie Nelson again crushed the competition, gaining 93% of the vote. Stevie Ray Vaughan easily defeated Lyle Lovett and George Strait eventually pulled away from Janis Joplin after close early results. But the story of the Musicians and the Arts category was author Larry McMurtry, who upset favorite Selena by a single vote.

In the Actors and Athletes category, former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry emerged as a favorite, easily defeating actress Sissy Spacek. He’ll face Matthew McConaughey, who cruised to victory against Farrah Fawcett. It was Earl Campbell who won the clash of the sports titans, defeating baseball legend Nolan Ryan. And No. 1 seed Tommy Lee Jones struggled mightily against Southeast Texas’ Babe Didrikson Zaharias in a battle that was close all the way to the end of the night.

In the Politics and History category, the women took control. Lady Bird Johnson easily outpaced husband Lyndon B. Johnson and Ann Richards and Barbara Jordan had no problem defeating William B. Travis and Sandra Day O’Connor, respectively. The Father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin, never struggled with upstart Judge Roy Bean.

Lastly, the Wildcard category continues to live up to its name, with only No. 1 seed Audie Murphy a clear favorite. Audie had no problem with Liz Carpenter. Hallie Stillwell, the Cinderella of the tournament, continued her run through the first two rounds, squelching oil well fireman Red Adair. Perhaps unsurprisingly for an Austin-based tournament, the conservatives lost two more matchups in tough fashion: Dan Rather defeated Special Forces soldier and Medal of Honor winner Roy Benavidez and Molly Ivins easily dispatched Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson.

Check out the bracket here. Voting resumes Monday morning.