Update: Hereís the review written before Hudsonís on the Bend abrupt closing


A group of young investors, all of whom had a hand in day-to-day operations of the restaurant, purchased Hudsonís on the Bend last spring from Jeff Blank, who founded the restaurant in 1984.†Austin360 readers were going to read my review of the revamped restaurant†this week. Then we got an email at 4 p.m. telling us the restaurant had closed, making the review irrelevant.

What you would have read was a story of a young team that experienced a few stumbles on one awkward Sunday night, and rebounded to thrill with one of my favorite meals of the year on a packed Saturday night. That night, from the execution of the appetizers and entrees by chef Billy Caruso to the wine pairings and service from beverage director and sommelier Chris McFall, gave an indication that the young team at Prime Thyme Restaurant Group was poised to get Hudsonís back into the game (sorry, that great pun about the restaurant that made its name serving wild game was our cover headline).

The bar area at the entrance of Hudsonís on the Bend on Wednesday, February 8, 2017. Hudsonís on the Bend has undergone a remodel after coming under new ownership. DEBORAH CANNON / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

Instead, what we have is a vague story about Hudsonís on the Bend closing abruptly following service on Valentineís Day.

The answers for the closure from the team that just opened the restaurant after a major rehab are few.

ďThe restaurant faced challenges and they werenít able to move forward,Ē a representative said for the restaurant.

Whatís next is not exactly clear, but the team eventually plans to bring its Mighty Cone food truck to the site. I may post my review (I gave the restaurant an 8/10) later this week.