Austin sensation Franklin Barbecue does not lack for adjectives.

“Sumptuous” — Statesman critic Matthew Odam

“Best” — Texas Monthly

“Unbelievable” — Zagat

“Awesome” — A whole bunch of regular folks on Yelp

But if you’re one of the half-dozen or so people in Central Texas who hasn’t spent a morning waiting in line for lunch, what do you really make of these opinions? You don’t know these people. What you need is some cold, hard facts.

People wait in line for 4 to 5 hours to taste the food from Franklin Barbecue. Photo by Laura Skelding, American-Statesman

Fortunately, online food magazine Taste has broken it down for all you suspicious barbecue holdouts, publishing an infographic that examines the numbers behind the phenomenon.

How many pounds of barbecue does Aaron Franklin’s joint cook a year? How many customers eat there a year? Just how many people have been standing in that line at one time? What’s the most money someone tried to bribe Franklin with to skip that line?

(For the record, $300 did not work.)

The graphic also examines the earliest someone has arrived to wait in line (so far nobody has waited as long as it takes to cook a brisket) and the earliest the line has been shut down (you’re pressing your luck if you wait until mid-morning).

Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue. Photo by Laura Skelding, American-Statesman