If you’re the type of music fan that thinks, “You know what this DMX song needs? A remix with Vanessa Carlton,” then wait no longer. The Internet has provided.

Photo via Apple

“The Magic iPod” is a mash-up site built in 2007 that allows you to combine hip-hop/rap songs with pop songs from the mid-2000s. Indeed, two of those songs are “X Gon’ Give It To You” and “A Thousand Miles.” Don’t think it would work? Listen here.

While the site has been around for 10 years, it’s been making the rounds on the Internet again, mostly through social media. It’s probably popping back up again because a donations tab at the bottom of the webpage leads to the ACLU’s website.

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We discovered the magic iPod and now we can't stop pic.twitter.com/3ZBbHcLcqD

— agerenesh ashagre (@agerenesh) February 10, 2017

That Magic iPod site gives me hope for humanity.

— James To Tha Hizzo (@JHolasHoops) February 10, 2017

Country Grammar + Sugar We’re Goin’ Down is the classic I never knew existed.

Magic iPod for the win https://t.co/ClgfLm4QRu

— Dom Lewis (@Dommy_Digital) February 10, 2017

The Misery Buisness- In da Club mashup on MagicIpod is really good

— Mirror Scott