Queso is about to go big.

Lisa Fain, the New York-based blogger behind the popular blog, Homesick Texan, announced this week that her next book, coming this fall, will be all about what is arguably Texasí most beloved foods.

Azul Tequila was a recent stop on Matthew Odamís Queso the Mondays tour of Austin. Lisa Fainís next book will be all about queso. Matthew Odam / American-Statesman

Cheese dip ó I cringe typing the words ó isnít just a Texas thing, though. When Fain started thinking about the concept of the book, she knew the book would have to be more than just the typical quesos youíd find around Texas. It turns out that cheese dips are popular the world íround, and Fain spent the next few months uncracking the history, culture and regional variations on queso.

Homesick Texan writer Lisa Fain lives in New York City now but spent most of her life in Texas. Sheís written several books on Texas food culture, and her next will be all about queso.

The book will be published by Ten Speed Press on Sept. 24.

Lest you think even Austinís queso culture is homogenous, check out Matthew Odamís latest series, Queso the Mondays, where heís eating more queso than you thought humanly possible.