Nicholas Cage reading “The Tell-Tale Heart” because Austin (Photo: Heather Kennedy)


Sunday, Alamo Drafthouse attendees had their wigs pushed back when actor/noted Superman aficionado Nicolas Cage popped in on “C4GED,” the Drafthouse’s 4th annual marathon of Nicolas Cage movies to celebrate the month of his birth.

During the opening happy birthday song, Nicolas Cage walked out on stage and launched immediately into a reading of “The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe.” Yes, this actually happened.


Then, Cage spent the next 12 hours watching Nicolas Cage films that he personally programmed with Drafthouse programmer Greg MacLennan, who was quoted as saying, ” “This is and will always be the greatest day of my life, I apologize to my unborn future child.”

The line-up: “Bangkok Dangerous, “Joe” (which is a great movie by Austin director David Gordon Green), “Bringing Out the Dead,” “Army of One” and “Lord of War.”