Over on our Raising Austin blog, we have a contest for a family four pack of tickets to “The Secret Life of Pets” movie. We asked people as they entered to tell us what they think their pets secretly do all day.

Here’s some of their answers:

Luna drinks espresso all day, according to owner Tes Sawyer.

I’m pretty sure my dog, Luna, drinks espresso, surfs the internet and does yoga while I’m away. — Tes Sawyer

While my parakeet, Ringo, died several years ago, I always imagined him dictating The Great American Novel while I was out of sight. He loved to recite his repertoire of words and phrases as long as he felt he wasn’t being observed; who knows what he got up to when he was home alone? — Melissa Aellos

“Blue-y” the fish probably would say “All drains lead to the ocean and has been planning his escape for sometime” Either way, he’s been great for our 8 and 1 year old. — Jesse Rivera

Our family thinks our 8 year old kitty takes joy rides in the pink toy convertible Barbie car we have.  Sometimes we find it out

Kika watches squirrels all day. Bibiana Beardsley

in places we know we didn’t put it there.  The cat has to be having a blast in it when we leave. — Melissa Garcia

DH works from home so pups don’t get away with much. This is Kika. She keeps watch to make sure the squirrels don’t get in our yard! — Bibiana Beardsley

We think that our dog Harley gets on the couch after we leave and stays there and sleeps. — Kristen Mellring

Blanca as white as the snow would wait for us at door. I think she would look for food! — Mariela Trujillo

Our pet, Rusty is a smart, little, scruffy dog we adopted from the shelter. Sometimes he is too smart. Rusty sleeps most of the day on top of his house up until the moment he hears us opening the front door. He jumps down and runs to the tree to make it look like he is chasing squirrels and earning his keep. Then he comes to up to us to get ears scratched for being such a good guard dog. He is such a good little dog and makes us look forward to coming home everyday! — The Fuentes Family

Tinsley does hair according to owner Taylor Skinner.

My family has a 1 year old diva puppy English Cream Golden Retriever (white golden) named Tinsley, and she is definitely the princess her name suggests! Tinsley most likely spends her days preening her feathering in the mirror to ensure she is the prettiest puppy in the neighborhood. She then practices her sashay to show off her tail feathers to the other dogs in the neighborhood. At some point, she goes and gets her mud facial in the backyard (this we know for a fact).

When she is not being a little pretentious diva, she tends to Milton, the white kitty who she thinks is her child. Not wanting to have an ugly misshapen child, Tinsley bathes and coifs Milton’s hair. She then carries him around the neighborhood showing off her pretty puppy (kitty) to the neighborhood dogs. The rest of the day she lays on the couch being a slug pup so as not to get too hot and ruin her fluffed feathers. — Taylor Skinner

Our family has a french bulldog and a shih tzu that live inside and roam our homes while we are away. Our shih tzu Sam, probably spend his entire day plotting how to escape the yard during his next potty break, as that seems to be his favorite pastime. Fire, our bulldog literally spends her days plotting her next meal and dreaming of the treats I will bring home from the store. Sam is for sure smarter and more crafty, but Fire loves her family with her big heart. — Mellissa Alvarado

My grandkids think our pets watch TV and sometimes mess with our DRV while we are out and that’s why some shows we have set up don’t tape correctly…lol They also think they take naps on their beds but hop up as soon as they hear us come in — Laura Floyd

Our dog, Mali, is an 11 year-old black lab. Due to her thick black coat and brutal Texas heat, Mali is an “inside” dog. Since both of us work, Mali is home by herself all day. She is rather particular about her domain, dog pillows are simply not up to her high standards for comfort. So, despite her age, she spends most of her day in the comfort of our queen bed. I am sure that the first item on her agenda for the day is to search every nook of our bedroom for any food that may have been forgotten in a bag or in a pocket. If she is lucky and finds something edible, we will be blessed to come home to a ransacked bag and food wrapper on the floor (she likes to consume the food with the wrapper then spit the wrapper back up later, she is nice that way). The rest of her day consists of long naps, dreaming of catching cats and jumping on counters to claim any food items that were not properly put out of her reach. She occasionally hops down from the bed to stroll right past the nice fresh water we put in her bowl everyday to take a nice refreshing drink from the toilet. Her most exciting part of the day is certainly when she hears the garage door open for as soon as it does, we can hear her tail banging against the walls as she anticipates her next feeding (her excitement has little to do with actual human interaction). And that is what she likely does all day long.  — Kristin Seibel

I think my dog sleeps all day and waits for his daddy to get home! — Jennifer Jones

As for my house: Mew, the chinchilla, is a secret agent, while her dog and cat friends sleep all day.  — Nicole

Ava Villalpando holds secret agent Mew. Nicole Villalpando


If you want to enter the contest for the 7 p.m. Tuesday screening at the Regal Metropolitan, send an email to nvillalpando@statesman by Friday morning with the subject line “The Secret Life of Pets.”

Tell us what your family thinks your pet does all day long and send me your name and phone number as well.

I’ll draw entries out of hat on Friday morning and let the winners know that day.