Whataburger’s Root Beer Shake seen in the company’s styrofoam orange and white striped cup. Credit: Whatabrands LLC

They may be murderous cannibals, but the villainous family at the center of the new Resident Evil 7: Biohazard game at least follow Whataburger’s directions.

Released Tuesday, gamers play a man searching for his wife in a Louisiana home haunted with the aforementioned creepy family, undead and other monstrous creatures. But In real life, the Creole State is home to bayous and 15 Whataburger locations, making for an interesting Easter egg in the game.

Guess the family in Resident Evil 7 likes @Whataburger pic.twitter.com/bpIvUGEEOI

— Jammie Layne (@Optimus_Layne) January 24, 2017

When the @RE_Games Resident Evil 7 team did it's research on the South, they totally ate some @Whataburger , lol pic.twitter.com/j472REfMj4

— Ross Castro (@RossCastro) January 24, 2017

While exploring the home in the game, players noticed a cup in a trash bin bearing a striking resemblance to Whataburger’s famous orange and white-striped beverage vessel. Each real styrofoam cup contains the message “When I am empty, please dispose of me properly.”

THERE IS @Whataburger IN RESIDENT EVIL 7 pic.twitter.com/hNBHzkDmZF

— ThugBob McJuggPants (@INEEDGUAP) January 24, 2017

One player tweeted this cup in the trash isn’t the only one.

Resident Evil 7 spoilers:

There are Whataburger cups everywhere.

Now I know what I want for lunch.

— kalamari (@vKaminari_) January 24, 2017

Think you can handle the horror of this house? The game is rated M for Mature and is available on PlayStation 4 (including virtual reality capability), Xbox One and Windows PC.