Cooking Up Cultures, the nonprofit that started several years ago to teach Central Texas various languages through cooking lessons, is now branching out online.

Since 2010, teachers have hosted in-person cooking classes in a language that isn’t the primary language of the people taking the class. Sometimes, that’s English to Spanish-speakers. Other times, it’s Spanish or Chinese to English speakers. The program has expanded in recent years, but now, the founders have launched an online program so that anyone around the world can participate.

Cooking Up Cultures is now offering online cooking classes in multiple languages. For a membership fee, you can access new lessons each month. Contributed by Cooking Up Cultures

The classes are targeted toward families, but they cover an array of dishes and languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin) and Arabic. Each lesson comes with chef and instructor videos, recipe cards and printable worksheets to help you learn the vocabulary specific to that lesson.

Founder Casey Smith says that they’ll be releasing new content each month on the site. Access is only available through membership, which you can pay for annually or by the month ($35 for the year or $3.99 per month). Curious but aren’t sure you want to buy a membership just yet? You can try out several of the lessons on the website for free.

What else is in the future for Cooking Up Cultures? Providing more in-person classes with local nonprofits, Smith says. You can find out more at