Fred, that company that makes all those cool food gifts, like the manatee tea steeper or a doughnut pin cushion, wants to help borderline OCD cooks get even more precise with cutting ingredients.

The companyís Obsessive Chef cutting board came out a few years ago, and thought not everybody thinks itís all that plus a bag of chips, I have a feeling that more than a few of you might be happy to know that this product exists. (Looks like Fred & Friends has recently added a similar cheese board, which you can buy online for around $20.)

This cutting board is perfect for exacting cooks who want more precision in their kitchens. Addie Broyles / American-Statesman

A few friends on Instagram were super excited to see this. Iím not sure how much Iíd use this because Iím not too bothered when my diced carrots arenít all the same size. I do, however, have several fabric cutting boards that have these guide lines so I can cut more precisely for quilting. Thereís a time and place for making exact cuts; I just so happen to need to make them when Iím sewing more than when Iím cooking.

How exacting are you with your knife skills? Do you want to be better? Iíd love to hear your thoughts on whether or not itís worth the effort to cut all your food with such precision. Iíve heard the phrase in cooking, ďIf it cuts the same, it cooks the same,Ē which explains the scientific reason for wanting your ingredients to be equally sized, but at some point, weíre splitting culinary hairs.

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