Having become specialized in Belgian-style and barrel-aged brews, Adelbert’s is expanding its beer-soaked horizons by debuting a line of bottled fruited sours.

First up is the Passion Fruit Sour, which releases on Feb. 10 — just in time for any romantic Valentine’s Day dates you might be planning.

To craft this ale, Adelbert’s blended passion fruit (a sweet, slightly tart tropical berry with an enticing aroma) with house yeast strains during the beer’s 18 months of aging in oak barrels, with the result that the Passion Fruit Sour tastes like a tropical sour ale with oak notes, according to a press release.

Adelbert’s is unveiling a new line of beers starting with the Passion Fruit Sour.

The North Austin brewery already has a couple of other beers in the fruited sour series in the works: one a raspberry sour, the other a blueberry sour. Adelbert’s founder, Scott Hovey, said in the release that each one will be “unique” because of the barrel-aging process Adelbert’s implemented.

That process starts when the brewery carefully selects several barrels for each of the sours — some of which have been inoculated naturally with microorganisms, others of which are introduced to yeast strains of Adelbert’s choosing.

It doesn’t get any more precise from there: Adelbert’s is so intent on keeping the resulting beer funky that the brewery doesn’t rely on a “standard house yeast strain or base beer recipe,” Hovey said in the release. “We change what we put into the barrels each time to give more complexity to the blends.”

Because many of the variables in this aging process are beyond the brewers’ control, there are several other beers in the fruited sour series still in testing phase.

The Passion Fruit Sour, however, will be ready to go in a few weeks. The bottle is going to be sold only at Adelbert’s, which switched to a brewpub license early last year so that it could start selling beers to go from the taproom, some exclusively so.

If smaller-batch brews like the Passion Fruit Sour and the Blackberry Barrel of Love, released at the end of last year, have a strong response from taproom visitors, Adelbert’s might consider releasing them more widely.

For more information, visit adelbertsbeer.com.