The new Dixie Chicken website:

In Austin, if you ask a dozen Longhorns to name the main hangout for college students to grab a few drinks and maybe meet some friends or someone new, you’re likely to get at least half a dozen different answers.

In College Station, there’s no such confusion. The Dixie Chicken is king of all it surveys in the Northgate district across the street from Texas A&M University. The Chicken was created in 1974 and immediately described as “a relic of yesteryear” in a listing in that year’s College Station visitor’s guide.

In the 40-plus years since, the music played there has switched labels from “progressive country” to “classic country” — but not much else has changed.

Recognizing  the inherent value of its history, the Dixie Chicken has emphasized that in its new website. The site features a “Stories” section that shares tales submitted by loyal customers, enthusiastic customers and customers so dedicated that they might not have finished their studies on time. Or at all.

Bill Morgan (right) smiles in disbelief as son Willie Morgan (center) explains the rules of 42. a dominoes game. Both Chris Cailey (left), and Willie are current students at Texas A&M and frequent the Dixie Chicken. 2007 photo by John C. Livas/American-Statesman.

Among the story snapshots featured:

A class of ’75 Aggie, who admitted to fishing for enough change (35 cents!) in a campus fountain to buy a beer. A surprise wedding in 1993, complete with the wedding march on the stereo system and champagne for everyone who happened to be in the bar. Expert trolling of the Alabama fans checking out the local nightlife before their game in College Station in 2013.

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