Willie Nelson was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders during the 2016 election cycle, but now that Nov. 8 has come and gone, he said he has written his takeaway from the election in a song.

Willie Nelson tapes a piece in the Pedernales Recording Studio for the US premiere of the Irish music series Other Voices on October 3, 2016. Suzanne Cordeiro for American-Statesman

“Delete and fast-forward, my friend/ The elections are over and nobody wins/ But don’t worry too much, you’ll go crazy again/ Delete and fast forward, my friend,” were the lyrics he spoke to Rolling Stone Country in an interview published Friday.

The lyrics, from a song called “Delete and Fast-Forward” from Nelson’s upcoming album “God’s Problem Child,” uses a refrain Nelson has been using since at least August of 2015, when he told GQ Magazine that “delete and fast-forward, start over again” was his “new motto.”

Another interview with “The Cannabist” in October of 2016 had Nelson telling an interviewer these lyrics to the song (possibly another verse): “Delete and fast-forward, my son. The wars are all over, and nobody won. But don’t worry too much about it. You’ll just go crazy again. So just delete and fast-forward, my friend.”

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Nelson told RS Country that he’s not too concerned about the upcoming Trump administration’s stance on marijuana laws:

“I didn’t have any problem finding [marijuana] when it was illegal, and now that it’s legal, it’s still no problem. Making it illegal again won’t stop people from smoking. They should have learned that back in prohibition days.”

According to RS Country, the rest of the album will feature original songs co-written with producer Buddy Cannon, including “Still Not Dead.”

“I got up two or three times in the last couple of years and read the paper where I’d passed away,” Nelson said. “So I just wanted to let ’em know that’s a lot of horse****.”