Editor’s note: This article was originally published May 12, 2013

On May 17-18 the 2013 class at the University of Texas will bravely move forward into the post-grad world. Graduation frequently provokes a complicated mix of feelings. A sense of accomplishment is marred by anxiety. The feeling of triumph that marks a completed chapter in your life is tempered by the realization that moving to the next phase might mean leaving some friends and loved ones behind. Starry aspirations and high hopes clash with the cold reality of entry level employment.

We tapped the collective brain of team 360 — some of us recent grads, some of us decades out from a cap and gown — and put together a mix of classic and contemporary songs that capture those conflicted feelings. These are songs to seize the day, songs with big dreams and songs about moving on. Go forth, young grads, and rock on.