Hereís an early draft of my 2017 New Yearís resolutions. The list changed a little, as you can see below.

Welcome to 2017. Did you set your New Yearís resolutions yet?

Iím running behind this year. Maybe time management should top my list.

Last year I hit some of my biggest goals ever. I swam a 200-yard butterfly, without fins. I backpacked 200 miles on the John Muir Trail. I rode a bicycle more than 400 miles across Iowa.

I missed others. I didnít reduce stress in my life; I increased it. I didnít do any foot races, because plantar fasciitis kept me sidetracked.

Thatís OK. Iíll try again in 2018 with a new set of goals.

I try to cover all areas of my life when I set my yearly goals. I try to keep them attainable and at least some of them measurable. I like variety, too, so I usually include stuff that keeps me healthy and fit, personal goals and something wacky or unusual. (One year I decided I wanted to learn how to make fire using the bow method. Nailed it!)

Hereís this yearís list:

1. SHOOT: Iíve long relied on the auto setting on my camera to get my shots. No more. Iím going to master camera settings and improve my photography skills. And Iím going to get some great night sky shots, too.

2. WRITE A BOOK: Iíve got the subject, and a publisher. Now all Iíve got to do is write my book about J. David Bamberger, a vacuum cleaner salesman turned fried chicken mogul who became one of the stateís foremost ranchland conservationists.

3. BIKE: Plantar fasciitis has kept me from running, but that doesnít mean I canít bike. Iíll continue cycling to work, and hopefully compete in an ultra bike race. Iím eyeballing a 200-miler in Marble Falls at the end of March. But Iím scared.

4. EAT RIGHT: More grains, less meat, more vegetables, less junk, more water.

5. CHILL: This oneís always on the list, but this time I mean it. Iím going to reduce stress. My plan calls for more time with my girlfriends and less time worrying about things I canít control. Iím going to say no to stuff I donít want to do. Maybe Iíll finally figure out how to sit still. (OK, thatís reaching.)

6. SWIM HARD: Weíre going to bring back that 200 fly.

7. THRILL: More adventure, please. (I know, I know.) That means travel, and Iím going to scuba dive, hike, wander, explore and discover new places.

8. LIVE THE LIFE I WANT: This year I resolve to follow my heart, without regrets.

9. EMOTE: My best stories are the ones where I reveal more than just the facts. I vow to write with more emotion in 2017.

10. ENJOY. This one goes without saying, but Iím going to treasure every moment with family and friends. You never know when theyíll be gone.