Contributed by Merick Ales.

There is not a quiet moment on the dance floor when Austin-based duo Capyac takes the stage. 

Delwin Campbell and Eric Pena, who would rather go by their stage names Potion and P. Sugz, have dominated the disco funk scene in Austin of late, though they say their musical style cannot be classified.

“Truth is that words are naturally flimsy, and genre labels are too controlling,” P. Sugz said. 

Potion said their music has influences that range from techno and dark-ambient depths to large doses of soul and R&B. They collaborate with many different artists to create diverse sounds and progressive styles of futuristic music.

Collin Finnigan and Marshall Lowry – also known as Oolaf and Papa Mongoose — and RuDi Devino, are all regular players with the band, part of the range of musical talent that help transform live shows from subtle head-bobs to a high energy dance parties.

“There is no official roster,” Potion said. “Everyone feels comfortable to contribute what they’re good at, and the culmination is what makes ‘Capyac.’”

“There’s just a whole lot going on,” Oolaf said. “We hate labels.”

The band released their first full-length album, “Headlunge,” in May. They said the record is a representation of who they were as artists. The album includes strong R&B influences and is presented as a bridge between electronic music, funk and hip-hop genres. 

Lead single “Speedracer” already has reached almost 75,000 views on Youtube in a music video produced by Helmut Studios.

“It is very much a dance album,” P. Sugz said.

After going on a summer 2016 tour through the West and East coasts in the U.S, Germany and Paris, the band said they were happy to be back in Austin, where they have their best shows, and playing at their favorite venues, including Empire Control Room. 

“I think the experience is great. You’re with your friends, whether or not you make money,” P. Sugz said. “But you probably won’t make any money,” he added.  

Their next EP, which is still a work-in-progress to be released in February, will feature four or five songs influenced by European house clubs. Potion said it will different from what their fans are used to hearing from the group.

“It’s not disco, it’s not funk, it’s going to be a techno album,” Potion said. “We’re going after something different.” 

The lead single, “Bubblegum,” features artist KD Kinetic, who helps add strong female vocals to the song. P. Sugz said this is a territory that they hope to dive deeper into with future tracks. 

Capyac has big plans for the new year. In summer 2017, they expect to release their second full-length album, “Gold Rush.” P. Sugz said this album will trace back to the roots of electronic pop and include new disco influences that they are known for. 

Capyac told the Statesman that the new album will feature a song in Korean. The band said they have partnered with a Korean pop artist – name yet to be released. 

Seoul is Capyac’s third largest market, after the U.S. and France. 

“We are going to put out a song in Korean and tour Korea,” Potion said. “We are changing markets completely.”

This year will also bring the second edition of Capyac’s fashion line called CPYC. The fashion line was first presented in April, and featured styles from Sloan Lenz, Witchxxdoctor and Helmut Studios. 

“We always try to bring the visual element into our shows,” P. Sugz said. “And fashion is a good extension of our personality.” 

Capyac may soon be moving from Austin, as they look to grow in larger music markets. Potion has recently moved to L.A., and the band may not be too far behind him. 

“The music scene in Austin doesn’t really have an eye on the rest of the world,” Potion said. “Los Angles is all about the rest of the world.”

But the band said one certain thing is that 2016 year has shown that the art produced this year has been conscious of the need to be influential.

“We’re trying to keep up with that, and I feel we are making some of our strongest music,” Oolaf said.  

Capyac will headline Empire Control Room’s Refresh 2017 New Year’s Eve party, which will feature Riders Against the Storm, Body Rock ATX, The Bishops and other local artists.