Matthew McConaughey, the patron saint of Longhorn fans everywhere, just finished up teaching his first semester at the University of Texas. Despite Texas’ less-than-great football season this year, he’s still spreading the Longhorn love.


On “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Thursday night, Meyers asked the actor about the class, and McConaughey responded, “It’s the class I wish I would’ve had when I was in film school.”

The university announced in August that the actor, who graduated from UT in 1993 with a radio-television-film degree, signed on to teach a course titled Advanced Producing: Script-to-Screen in the Moody College of Communication. He taught the course mostly through recorded videos, but he made an appearance or two in class for some face time with his students (and he did it all totally pro bono, too).

“Late Night” shared a clip on Twitter from the interview with McConaughey, who plays a koala in the upcoming animated movie “Sing,” on Friday morning, asking, “What would you do if Matthew McConaughey was your college professor at @UTAustin?”

The university responded accordingly, writing, “We’d at least be sure to raise our hand before asking a question.”

Savage, @UTAustin.

See the full interview Meyers did with McConaughey on YouTube.


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