R.J. Arnold gives a Hatchimal to Jazmine Henderson at McLane Children’s Hospital. Baylor Scott & White

Like many kids, 7-year-old R.J. Arnold and his little sister Lauren, 4, wanted a Hatchimal for Christmas. His mother Geneva Arnold wanted to make that happen. So, before the Christmas shopping season even began, Geneva Arnold was looking for Hatchimals.

She had gone to stores. She was even looking on eBay. R.J. saw his mother looking on eBay and told her, “Look, there’s a ton of them right there.” Ahh, but he didn’t understand the prices that were coming with the normally $80 toy.

R.J. Arnold and his father Russ get Hatchimal gifts ready to give to children at McLane Children’s Hospital. Baylor Scott & White

R.J. sees it this way: “For some reason, the black market is not being nice on Christmas. It’s not having the Christmas spirit. It’s making higher prices ,which is wrong.” Yes, 7-year-old R.J. knows about the black market. 

Geneva Arnold, though, was determined to get her children Hatchimals, and not at the eBay prices. The Salado mom went

into Walmart every morning. She left her name with some of the supervisors to call her if a new shipment came in. She was able to get the two she was looking for, and then she was able to get four more on Black Friday.

R.J. Arnold donated Hatchimals to four kids at McLane Children’s Hospital in Temple. Baylor Scott & White

R.J. helped her decide that instead of selling them and turning around and making a profit like other people were doing on eBay, they should donate them to the Baylor Scott & White McClane’s Children’s Hospital in Temple.

“It’s just not fair that some kids don’t get as much toys as I have,” he said. “It would be nice if they can get something. They won’t have a good Christmas if they are stuck in the hospital.”

On Friday, they did just that. They donated four Hatchimals to children in the hospital.

R.J. likes Hatchimal because you can teach them things. He’s already told his mom that if Santa brings him one, he plans on teaching it how to clean.

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