At the end of the fall semester, as studying for finals consumes both day and night, there is one thing college students cannot wait for ó winter break. We went to Mozartís Coffee Roasters and asked some what they are looking forward to the most during the weeks off for the holiday.

ó Photos and text by Mackenzie Palmer/American-Statesman

University of Texas international relations and global studies junior Samantha Gorny, 20, said she is looking forward to hanging out with her parents and dogs during the break in Houston, her hometown, as well as watching TV, riding bikes and ice skating. She also will be going to New Jersey for a week to visit her fatherís side of the family.

Seamus Hawley, 19, is from Minneapolis, Minn., and said he canít wait to get back to the cold weather. ďI only really like winter for about a month, so that is the perfect amount of time to go back,Ē Hawley said. He said finals burned him out and he is ready to relax.

Sophomore Jessica Plasters, 19, said that after attending the Day for Night festival in Houston, she canít wait to hang out with her cats and listen to rap music with her friends at home in San Antonio.

Business marketing major Jared Malik Royal, 22, said he is ready to sleep in and wake up to a big breakfast once he gets home to Keller. In the spirit of the holiday, he said he loves giving presents to his friends and family.

Kassidy Knight, 21, is a University of Texas senior computer engineering major from Haslet, outside Fort Worth. She said she is ready to nap a lot and eat a lot but is going to miss her teammates from Texas 4000, a UT biking group, during break.

UT freshman Chris Uvalle, 19, said he is excited to head back home to Edinburg to hang with old friends and family. And after a semesterlong break, Uvalle said he canít wait to be reunited with his piano at home.

Austin Community College student Danny Fraser, 25, said he is ready to catch up with old friends in Williamsport, Md. Fraser said heíll spend his time walking his parentsí dogs, visiting his favorite childhood spots and hiking.

UT student Krissa Martin, 20, from Houston, said she canít wait to mountain bike, play volleyball and see her 16-year-old sister, Wendy.

Cameron Osmond, 20, a UT liberal arts honors program sophomore, said he loves to eat his parentsí cooking (especially the two dishes above). While back in Flower Mound, Osmond said heíll dedicate his time to writing the second draft of his screenplay.

Cade Stone, 20, said he is excited to return home, even though home is Austin. ďItís a 25-minute drive, but Iím still excited and looking forward to it,Ē Stone said.